Lema for the Glance Hotel

Lema for the Glance Hotel

A refined 4 stars hotel in the heart of Florence
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 19/12/2016 - LEMA stands out inside the new Glance. The company signed indeed the interior design for this refined 4 stars hotel, located in the heart of Florence, which re-interprets the concept of hospitality where the comfort blends together with the essential elegance of the furniture.

Lema for the Glance Hotel


The building, totally renovated by Daniela Bianchi AMDB STUDIO, goes back to the early 50’ based on a project by the famous architect Italo Gamberini. The originality and versatility of public spaces, the design of the furnishings with a prevalence of soft and warm colours, make the hotel a place suitable for a cosmopolitan and hyper-connected traveler.Lema for the Glance Hotel


All the fixtures and furniture of the 69 rooms were signed by Lema, which has also curatedthe personalized coverings graphics of the fixturesLema Contract designedall the custom-made solutions for the public spaces like the reception desk, the bar counter and the furnishings for the relax and breakfast areas. Aturn-keysupply,designed and created ad hoc by Lema Contract division which offers the best custom-made solutions for all types of projects, thanks to the masterful work of a highly-specialised team of professionals collaborating with architects and designers.Lema for the Glance Hotel


Several pieces of Lema Casa collection enrich the accurate elegance of the project. Among these, Cloud sofa by Francesco RotaSigncoffee-tables by Studio Kairos and pouf by Officinadesign Lema. Specifically, Cloud was used to furnish the lounge and relax areas with a comfortable seating, thanks to the playful geometries that characterized its countless compositions, to be designed profiting from eleven units and three different types of arms, with different sizes, shapes and heights to be used freely.


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