Newform for a 5-star SPA in Sofia

Newform for a 5-star SPA in Sofia

1.600 sq. m. dedicated to wellness in the heart of the city
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 19/12/2016 - The remarkable Newform design signs ESTE Fitness & SPA, an exclusive centre which offers guests an unforgettable multi sensory experience, a complete service related to SPA treatments, beauty care, physical fitness, yoga and relaxing area.

1.600 sq. m. of pure wellness located in Iztok, the famous elite and desirable quarter of Sofia, in the residential complex winner of the “Building of the Year” prize in 2011.
Newform for a 5-star SPA in Sofia


In this refined and graceful 5-star SPA, guests can lose themselves in an enchanting atmosphere, enjoying a total relaxing experience, to escape the hectic pace of urban life and wake up the body and the senses.
The Ergo-Q and Park collections, typical for the rigid but charming shapes, besides a selection of Wellness products, perfectly enrich this fascinating SPA.
This is a further confirmation of the excellence of the Newform brand, both in quality and functionality standards, internationally recognized.


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