The Y-Kitchen: a Revolution

The Y-Kitchen: a Revolution

Ballerina-Küchen @ LivingKitchen 2017
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 19/12/2016 - Complex furnishing issues demand simple answers, carefully considered in every last detail. The new “Y-kitchen” by Ballerina-Küchen is nothing short of a revolution and logically leads on from the classic island solution. Whether small city apartment or spacious house - the shape of the „Y-kitchen“ makes your kitchen a central communication platform.

Y-Kitchen, design by Michael Hilgers
The trained furniture carpenter and architect Michael Hilgers sees himself as a "Designerfinder" (Designer-Inventor): in his designs created for well-known manufacturers, he always combines a wealth of invention with minimalist design.Ballerina-Küchen, Y-Kitchen

Ballerina-Küchen, Y-Kitchen

In the process he questions traditional product categories for today’s residential and work world and reconsiders these in a pragmatic manner. The (multi-)functional, flexible and space-saving furniture developed in his Berlin studio have been distinguished with awards several times, incl. the Interior Innovation Award.

Ballerina-Küchen, Y-Kitchen
Ballerina-Küchen, Y-Kitchen

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