The first automatic strutless garden umbrella

The first automatic strutless garden umbrella

Royal Botania revolutionised the way to provide shade
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 19/12/2016 - Back in the 1930s, changing gear in a car wasn’t easy. It was actually quite hard work. Then, Oldsmobile introduced the first automatic gearbox. Drivers – especially in the United States – got used to a much easier way to do things.
Right now, putting up a garden umbrella is more complicated than it needs to be. With the launch of PALMA, the first automatic garden umbrella, Royal Botania is set to revolutionise the way you provide shade on your patio or garden area. 

This eye-catching new product is the standout of our 2017 collection, combining innovative mechanics with a refined and tasteful aesthetic. It is the culmination of years of work by our chief designer Kris Van Puyvelde. Kris’s background in engineering coupled with his flair for design have always given him the edge when it comes to making practical furniture that also looks stunning. With this new project, he has reimagined and re-engineered the garden umbrella.PALMA. The first automatic strutless garden umbrella


The first thing you notice about PALMA is how organic it looks. All of the mechanism is contained within the contours of the design, with nothing to detract from the styling. Even the hub has no visible screws or other visible mechanical parts. The arms of the canopy need no supporting struts. 
All of the mechanical cleverness is hidden within. The base contains a quick-release mechanism and the aluminium shaft encloses a gas strut. Together they provide the most convenient operation possible. All you need to do is take hold of one of the arms and start to lift the umbrella. The mechanism does the rest, raising it to a fully open position. By pulling down on one of the arms, you can retract it in just the same way.PALMA. The first automatic strutless garden umbrella


No longer do you need to get under the canopy and push the umbrella open or close it. You just stand back and let the patented mechanism do the rest.

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